Iron Infusions

Iron Infusions with Charlestown Family Medical Services

The doctors at Charlestown Family Medical Services perform iron infusions when indicated on our patients.

FAQs about iron infusion

You will need to see your GP to ascertain whether an iron infusion is necessary/ suitable for you. If so, you will be given a prescription for the iron (ferinject) which you will purchase from a pharmacy and bring with you to the iron infusion appointment. On the day of the infusion ensure you maintain adequate intake of fluids – eat and drink normally.

There is a cost associated with an iron infusion, you will be informed of the exact amount when you book, but it is currently $150 with $75.05 rebatable from Medicare. See our fees list for current values.

Iron is necessary for the delivery of oxygen around the body, it forms part of the haem molecule that is central to haemoglobin in the red blood cells.

Iron is available through dietary intake or via supplements. Symptoms of iron deficiency may include fatigue, headache and tiredness.
If a person is unable to take an oral iron supplement or if oral supplementation has failed to increase the iron stores then an iron infusion may be necessary. It may also be required if there is a need to bring up iron levels quickly such as late pregnancy, prior to surgery or for heart failure or chronic kidney disease.

An iron infusion delivers iron directly to the blood stream via a cannula in a vein. The ferinject is infused over about 15 min. Possible side effects include headache, a metallic taste or changes in blood pressure, these are generally short lived. Rarely acute hypersensitivity can occur so you will be closely monitored during and for about 10 minutes after the infusion.  Brown discolouration of the skin can occur, this is not common but can be long lasting. Occasionally side effects can occur 1-2 days later and are again mostly self-limiting.

You will need to be careful of the arm the infusion has been administered to – avoiding heavy lifting for a few hours. Follow up blood tests will be required to check the iron levels post infusion.